Sprinkler System Installation in Brighton


If you decide to hire us to design and install your sprinkler system, we will understand it completely. So there will be no guesswork when it comes to providing you with maintenance or troubleshooting. We have a very experienced team of service professionals that all have expertise in the technology, and they are more than ready to support you at your home in Brighton throughout the entire season. This includes spring start-ups, system winterization and other service work.


Taking Care of Your System


Spring Start-up and Fall Winterizing - Your system start-up should usually happen within the months of April or May, and then it should be winterized in the month of October. For the wellbeing of your investment, we recommend that you have this done professionally.

Sprinkler Head Is Not Rotating - More often than not, if a sprinkler head is not rotating, it means that sediments have infiltrated the mechanism. The best solution to this is to remove the head from its canister, wash it out, and then reinstall it. If it will still not rotate, you should schedule a service call.

Any Other Irrigation Problems - We recommend that you schedule a service call.




Read Reviews of Todd’s Services


"The design of the flower beds is perfect...

The trees, bushes and flowers are top of the line. The neighbors can't quit commenting about how good it looks. Thank you."

★★★★★  - Gale, Howell

"Kevin is a super guy!...

Very knowledgeable and good at what he does! Thanks!"

★★★★★  - Denise, Northville

"Lee, Jeff, and Kevin are awesome!...

Thank you for the great job on the sprinklers."

★★★★★  - Rob, Brighton

"Absolutely, I would recommend Todd's Services...

In fact, I already have told several people that you all were great. Very nice, very accommodating, punctual, cooperative. We love our new patio and all the landscaping and cannot wait for our first "party" out there in a few weeks. We liked Jake and David and Kevin and Matt and all the crew. Awesome team work."

★★★★★  - Jeanne, Ann Arbor

"In one day they did more than I had attempted in 10 years...

Unbelievable professionalism - I was contacted at every stage of the service, My schedule was confirmed 2 times, I was trained on how to operate the system, I was given a map of where the heads and zone valves where. I could not give a higher recommendation."

★★★★★  - James, Brighton

"I was very pleased with the services I received from Todd's...

Lee made an awesome design and redesign to fit my limited budget . Although my job was relatively small. I removed 12 year old bushes , the entire team treated me very kindly. I felt the "Ish's crew " were very careful not to damage exhausting sprinklers or lighting fixtures. The entire crew was very polite, and even funny at times. Todd's services made this dreaded task easy and even enjoyable! Nice job to everyone!"

★★★★★  - Peggy, Brighton