Drainage Services in Ann Arbor, MI


Our company has over 35 years of experience solving drainage problems on properties in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Over time, we have developed many creative and visually appealing ways to correct these unsightly issues, which can vary significantly.  We have encountered anything from heavy, grey clay soils to beach sand, and usually a combination of everything in between. Clay soils can usually prevent water from soaking into the ground as fast as we would like it to, which can create ponding or puddles at the surface. Water on clay soils can be problematic if your lawn drainage is not properly directed away from the foundation of your home.

On the other hand, sandy soils are usually easier to work with, because they seldom cause ponding issues at the surface. However, these can also transmit water movement underground, which can create problems such as unwanted springs after heavy rains or during a wet season.

While no contractor can change the geology of the Ann Arbor area, we can work with the given soil types and create the proper slopes, barriers or contours to solve your yard drainage issues.  Underground trenching and/or piping may be part of the solution and may involve one of the following design concepts:

  • Trench Drains
  • Bubble Drains
  • Dry Wells
  • Underground Discharge Pipes
  • Dry (decorative) Creek Beds
  • Dry River Beds
  • Dry (decorative) Ponds



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"The design of the flower beds is perfect...

The trees, bushes and flowers are top of the line. The neighbors can't quit commenting about how good it looks. Thank you."

★★★★★  - Gale, Howell

"Excellent work...

Had a Drainage issue is yard. Sales & Service was Professional, very responsive and completed the tasks at hand.. JOB WELL DONE! To all involved."

★★★★★  - Dan, Dexter

"One of the most professional companies ever to do work at my home...

Very clean and organized. Took great care to protect my property with plywood walkway. Workers were respectful and careful. I will request quotes for future work."

★★★★★  - Frank, Commerce

"Todd's Services are prompt, courteous, and reliable...

Our property presented a little bit of a challenge - due to sloping hills and sandy soil. They provided us with excellent alternatives to having to create expensive retaining walls. Todd's came out with HEAVY-DUTY equipment to fine grade the property in preparation for their Hydroseed. Even when some of their equipment came in contact with our TV/Internet cable, they immediately got a service personnel on our site to reconnect our service. We already have a little bit of green grass already sprouting! Hopefully, we didn't lose too much from wash-away. Todd's Guarantees their work."

★★★★★  - Kim and Tom, Putnam Twp.

"Ed was well informed, knowledgeable, and easy to talk with...

As prior residents of Livingston County we were familiar with Todd's work and were pleased with their suggestions. We plan to leave the sign in the front yard for the remainder of the summer - and have already recommended Todd's Services to others in this new subdivision."

★★★★★  - Kathleen, Ypsilanti

"Todd's Services has done several jobs for us and we are extremely pleased with the quality of their jobs...

Their people are helpful and efficient and they do a little unexpected extra! We highly recommend them!!"

★★★★★  - Harry and Tana, Pinckney