Wetland Restoration Services in Ann Arbor


There are plenty of inland lakes, streams and wetlands around the Ann Arbor area. If you have an upcoming project that involves working in proximity to one of these most precious resources, we are ready to help you do it correctly. We have many years of experience doing this and we have established an excellent working relationship with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Our company staff includes a biologist, hydrogeologist, horticulturalist and a regulatory compliance specialist, so we are well-staffed and fully ready to start working on your wetland restoration project today.




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"We started with an idea...

and the whole Todd's team (sales and install) bought in and helped make it happen!"

★★★★★  - Gary, Plymouth

"Excellent workmanship!...

Courteous, helpful,respectful, hardworking crew. Good job!!"

★★★★★  - Elaine, Pinckney

"TSI's Sea Wall Installation was beyond our expectations...

Matt has been very helpful and great to work with on this project. Look forward to the next step!"

★★★★★  - Bob and Carroll, Waterford