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Hydroseeding is an application process in which seed, fertilizer, mulch and water are mixed together and applied over prepared soil. The seed coverage is thick and consistent. It's also more resistant to disease and requires less watering than other types of turf installation. In addition, the chances of erosion with hydro-seeding are less likely than with normal seeding. In Michigan, the planting season can occur from April to November. Learn more about the hydroseeding process below, and contact us with any questions or to request a quote.

The Hydroseeding Process

Mulch with Tactifier (bonding glue)

  • Composed of weed-free recycled cellulose and wood fibers
  • Retains up to 10 times its weight in water
  • Provides an "insulated blanket" to protect seeds from fluctuating temperatures and scorching sun
  • Forms a perfect environment for maximum germination
  • As the lawn is established, mulch fibers decompose and add nourishment to the young plant


  • Premium Kentucky Bluegrass blends
  • -Sunny blend
  • -Shady blend
  • -Commercial blend
  • Highest quality hydro-grass seed available


  • Quality starter fertilizer blend
  • Slow release, over a six week span
  • Accelerates growth
  • Establishes strong root base
  • Nourishes grass, infancy through maturity
  • Turf Establishment Program available

Soil preparation

  • Most critical part of seeding process
  • Balance site
  • Bulldozing (Grading with site specific equipment)
  • Mechanical and hand raking, as needed
  • De-rocking


  • Even, thick coverage
  • Minimal watering required
  • Longer planting season, 10 months (April - October)
  • Cost-effective: 60% less than sod (depending on size of area)

The landscaping in the front and back is beautiful. My grass is the best looking quality in the entire neighborhood. Thank you so much!

-Justine, Howell

Everyone we spoke to and worked with, from Brian to Dave and those answering the phone at the office, each person was knowledgeable, kind and worked w
ith us to ensure we were satisfied with the work being done. We were given a lot of options with varying costs related which made for a "no pressure" situation. With each phase of our project, the work was completed in a timely manner and the area was prepped and cleaned up nicely. We appreciate the professionalism of everyone who is a part of Todd Service's team.

-Monica, Highland

Very service oriented crew and sales staff. They made sure I was satisfied with the work before leaving the job. Steve did a great job on the dozer.

-Dan, Pinckney

Todd's Services are prompt, courteous, and reliable. Our property presented a little bit of a challenge - due to sloping hills and sandy soil. They pr
ovided us with excellent alternatives to having to create expensive retaining walls. Todd's came out with HEAVY-DUTY equipment to fine grade the property in preparation for their Hydroseed. Even when some of their equipment came in contact with our TV/Internet cable, they immediately got a service personnel on our site to reconnect our service. We already have a little bit of green grass already sprouting! Hopefully, we didn't lose too much from wash-away. Todd's Guarantees their work.

-Kim and Tom, Putnam Twp.

Steve and the crew were great. Nice people and helped us understand the system. Cleaned up perfectly and yard looks great.

-Justin, South Lyon

The service was amazing - all done in one day! The crew was efficient, everone worked very hard, and I would recommend Todd's to anyone who asks.

-Leah and Bob, Ann Arbor