Commercial Snow Removal in Fenton, MI


Snow removal in the Fenton area can really be a challenging effort. Our company is here to provide you and your commercial facility with the serious attention that it needs during the rough winter months in Michigan. We can offer peace of mind to you and everyone at your company in knowing that every time you arrive at work in the morning the parking lot and all of the walkways will be completely cleared and fully salted. Request an online quote from us today or give us a call and one of our professionally trained staff members will be happy to speak with you about our commercial snow removal services in Fenton Michigan.




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"Fast and professional service....

Fast and professional service."

★★★★★  - Steven, Ann Arbor

"Snow plowing service has been wonderful...

Outstanding service at a great value. They have been very attentive, and any time I need something addressed, they are right there. I would highly recommend Todd's Services."

★★★★★  - Cal, Henrob Corporation

"Todd's Services has always been very responsive and thorough with everything we need!...

Sidewalks are clear and salted in the winter, and the grass and landscape is tidy in the spring/summer. Todd's gives great service & everything you would expect from a landscape company!"

★★★★★  - Erika, Progenity, Inc.